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Enrich Ecommerce by Image Editing

Now a days, Ecommerce is one of the most growing online business in the world. The area of Ecommerce is spreading day by day. Peoples are shopping online with few clicks of mouse & getting products at home. It’s saving time of buyer also seller are being benefitted.


Some tips for Ecommerce owner:

Showcase your products by editing them professionally. Some tips for editing images.


Remove Background: Remove unwanted background from your images, use a specific background for all. It can be pure white background. For removing background use Photoshop pen tool instead of magic wand. Clipping path is best for background removal. It’ll help you to perfectly cut the edges.

Add Shadow: Add natural/drop/reflection shadow where need to make the product realistic after cutting out images from background.


Do some retouching: Do retouching to remove imperfections from your products. It’ll help you to get more potential customer.


Color Correction: Color of the photos won’t always be perfect due to less or over-lightening. That’s color correction is one of the most import factor to make your photos perfect.

Resize Photo: Resize your images into specific proportion so that all products show in same size it’ll increase elegancy of your shop.


Image Optimization: it’s most important factor for making your website speedy. Optimize your images before uploading them into website. After all of the edit save them for web format.


Apply the above things for your ecommerce, hope your sell will increase. You can also contact with Plexus Graphics for editing your images. Visit today: feel free to email for getting quote as well as free trail to check the work quality:

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