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Shadow Creation


Plexus Graphics is a highly experienced Prepress Graphics design and Image Editing outsourcing company who delivering excellent result every time. Our skilled DTP operatives have a professional experience for almost 10 years in any image editing job. Our expert graphics designers are at best of accomplishing Image shadowing service (natural shadow, drop shadow, reflection shadow) using their breathtaking formula. We are using the latest software’s (Photoshop, Illustrator and tools in Image shadowing service that paves the way to outperform any other companies in the region. Plexus Graphics can assure you the smoothest shadowing results to your product photography which will automatically laugh with wonder!

Image Shadowing of an image gives it extra depth and beauty. Plexus Graphics Shadow Creating Service encompasses natural shadow, drop shadow and reflection shadow. Image shadowing imparts a dimension to flat images that fashion them alive, vibrant and intact. In the pitch of web media, advertisement media, online marketing, product photography and promotion and any other visual presentation – image shadowing as image editing is deemed the nuts and bolts. Creating drop shadows rocks not only on images but text can also enjoy the feelings of having shadows. In a nutshell, with the aid of creating image shadowing, a product can talk.


What is Drop shadow, Natural shadow and Reflection Shadow?

Drop shadow is a graphic effect that creates the illusion of a light source shining on an object from above so that a shadow appears to be shed behind the object. White or very light background is more preferable for the best output of drop shadows. Putting a gray or black area underneath and offset from the object will give a very arty look. Natural shadow adopts the same theme but the difference is it creates the original or natural drop shadow of a photograph or image. In this process background will be removed and put the image in a white background then form a shadow that seems quite natural. Reflection shadow produces the same feeling like the original mirror or glass produces. Reflection shadows gives images look attractive and grab attention than normal ones. Shadow creating is a very useful service for e-commerce, product photography, product catalog, magazines & newspaper advertisement design etc.


Features of our Image Shadow Service:

# Our Clipping Path is totally handmade to ensure highest picture quality.

# All images are set to “Active”.

# Clipping path is made well inside the object, ideally 2 pixels inside.

# No messy or unnecessary anchor points.

# The object always looks natural retaining its natural curves.

# Can be made on any color or back ground, including transparent background

# Can also be composed in combination with a layer mask if the original format allows it.


How We Work:

To ensure quality clipping path service, we draw all paths manually using only Photoshop pen tool. We always deliver the highest possible picture quality without losing the original object features or curves and can edit the images to fit on a suitable background, including white or transparent background. We have been delivering quality images to all our clients worldwide for printing, online stores or websites who wish to display professional looking images without the cost of a professional photographer and with the most cost effective image editors.


Why choose Plexus Graphics for clipping path service?

Plexus Graphics provides high quality image editing and processing services essential for any online store, promotional product catalogs or any kind of media that display professional images. Our Clipping Path Services allow you to use this Photoshop features to cut from any image pieces and edit it to look professional by changing or adding background, eliminating shadows, or placing other parts of image together. Suppose are running an auto dealership and you have a website for selling cars. In your website you have a catalog page displaying cars. Suppose you took the pictures of the cars at home in your driveway but in the catalog you just want to show the cars not your house. In order to make the images look professional, you need to cut out the cars and place them on a white background so that the pictures stand out and look professional. It may be difficult to correctly implement this process. Some of the process needs professional and experienced touch. The shadow and color balance also plays important role. Our professional experts specialize in these services and can handle any complexity that these images may have.