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Plexus Graphics_10% discount

10% off on Clipping path service

Great news for all! Plexus Graphics is providing 10% discount on clipping path service. Plexus Graphics provides high quality hand made (using photoshop pen tool) clipping path service. You can also test our skill by vising us today. Get two images as free trial .

Features of our clipping path service:

# Our Clipping Path is totally handmade to ensure highest picture quality.
# All images are set to “Active”.
# Clipping path is made well inside the object, ideally 2 pixels inside.
# No messy or unnecessary anchor points.
# The object always looks natural retaining its natural curves.
# Can be made on any color or back ground, including transparent background
# Can also be composed in combination with a layer mask if the original format allows it.

How We Work:

To ensure quality clipping path, Plexus Graphics draws all paths manually using only Photoshop pen tool. Once drawing a path is completed to an image, we apply clipping path on it so that when you place it in your layout e.g. InDesign, it will show only the portion which was inside the path. Everything outside will be omitted and you can use whatever background color you want. We also give you images in PSD or TIFF format with a separate transparent background layer if you need so.

Why choose Plexus Graphics for clipping path service?

At Plexus Graphics, all DTP professionals are trained in Photoshop and Illustrator, especially in clipping path & masking and have several years of work experience in the field. Most of our designers also studied at Dhaka University at the department of Fine Arts & Graphic Arts Institute, the only government institute in Bangladesh that teaches graphic design and printing technology.

Those who are doing clipping path job only; for example, we don’t get them involved in the other sector like retouching or editing to ensure that they are much qualified at what they are doing. To ensure keep our quality always at the top, we don’t employ any new designer who don’t have any work experience in the past and or any good training. Since we are expanding our business, we have a training center where a group of young people are always being trained. Once we are 100% confirm that someone from there is now qualified enough, we get him/her involved into the production. We also have triple checked quality control system.

First of all, we have got team leaders who look after the DTP professionals on how they are working, whether or not they are in the right path. Upon completion, we have quality controller who check all images one by one and finally goes to DTP in-charge who check for the final time before uploading to the customer.

So why late?? Hurry up to claim the exciting offer!